Monday, June 11, 2007


Mel Gibson, in my opinion, has sort of gone off the deep end so to speak. I was not thinking this movie was going to be very good. I was expecting a boring rendition of how cortez came and killed all of the mayan indians. Perhaps i never watched the previews since this wasn't what the movie was about at all. If you don't know what is it about i won't spoil anything for you, other than to say if you don't like subtitles don't watch this movie, unless you speak...mayan? If subtitles don't bother you watch the movie. A mild disclaimer, there is a bit on nudity: it is about indians, what did you expect? A bit of sexual humor and a bit bloody. I guess i would say if you thought braveheart was ok than this movie is just fine. I just would not recomend this movie for children at all (escpecially since you will be reading the movie to them).


James said...

Hahaha - I can just see it in the movie theater now (or whenever it was in theaters for that matter) - Mother to son: "Take off your clothes, you indian you."
Son: "Why are they taking off their clothes momma?"
Mother: "Shhhh."
Mother: "Kill the rebels!"
Son: "What are rebels?"
Mother: "AHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Or something like that.

The Booters said...

man am i glad i didn't see it in the theaters

The Booters said...

leave it to you to say a racial slur about indians being naked.... you racist jerk :)

your wife