Monday, March 10, 2008

All My Exes Live In Portola

On Saturday night Colette and I went and hung out with my ex Brittney and her husband Danny. It is sad but there are a lot of people who couldn't imagine hanging out with ex-girlfriends or boyfriends. I wasn't sure either, but over the last few months Colette and Britt have been "Myspace Buddies," so hanging out seemed like the next logical step. Despite any nerves or fears, I don't think things were weird or akward at all. Everybody got along great. Go figure we are all sort of similar people.

I will say that this all worked is because Britt is a very forgiving person. I may have been a complete ass for a little while after we broke up. Sort of that angry stage of grief (wow that makes me sound like a wuss...I am) taken out on her (feeble attemp at apology...again). But I think even despite of everything said and done and the past that we can have a normal friendship. Plus Colette and her seem to get along great. And not to leave her hubby out, we seemed to get along just fine and enjoyed each other's company (and that makes us sound gay).

So it seems that Colette and I made "new" friends and now we have to go visit them at their house three hours away. What I really want is friends that live within like 20 min of my house. That would be great. And for revenge, we will make them come over to our house.


Brittney said...

That's funny I thought I was the ass... anyway I love your wife... why don't you guys just move to portola, then you wouldn't have to worry about the drive!

Kyle Ray Booterbaugh said...

Well you were too :)