Monday, March 24, 2008


Tonight as i walked over to help Colette with the dishes I noticed our bearded dragon Skippy was sleeping a little awkward. She had her head on the ground and her back half lifted off of the ground. I called for Colette to come over and see the odd sleeping position. Then I noticed she wasn't sleeping, she was laying eggs. As of an hour later she has laid 12, working on 13 eggs. She can lay up to 40 or so. She is small so hopefully that won't happen, this is also her first time so some of her eggs might not be fertilized.

So for the next 60-80 days we will be incubating bearded dragon eggs, hopefully to a success.

Funny note for Colette and I: Colette is about 6 weeks along and Skippy most likely was "fertilized" 4-6 weeks ago. Apparently romance was in the air.


brittney said...

Yeah! we're not coming to YOUR house!!

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