Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Garth Brooks

Ok, if you don't like country, that is fine. But I do. Growing up my favorite artist was Garth Brooks. Before I got to go see him live, he retired. That was a sad time. The man has won entertainer of year 6 times in 9 years. He must know how to put on a show. He is also the highest selling solo artist of all time. Again, he must know what he is doing. So when I heard that he was putting on a show in L.A. I had to go and was going to spend almost any amount of money to go. Tickets went on sale and in five minutes he sold out Staples Center. So they added another show, five minutes later, another, another. After it was said and done he sold out five shows at Staples Center in five minutes a show. I didn't not get tickets. So I paid a lot more than I should have and bought my wife and I tickets.

Needless to say, but I am going to say it anyway. The show was amazing. I couldn't imagine a better show. The coolest part was watching him absolutely loving his life. His love a performing and playing music was so clearly seen, it was contagious.

Another cool story: After he left for the first time, he came back about one minute later, saying "you never know what is going to happen. I was backstage and this lady on break, said that she always wanted to meet me and asked what it is like being me. I have always thought that the best way to learn is to jump in with both feet." At that he asked for (i forgot her name we will call her lupita) to come up on stage. This little old lady come out. He had the crowd cheer for her. He then sang her a song and had the crowd sing to her. He then had anybody that brought a camera to take it out, and snap a quick picture of the two of them together. The place lit up. It was crazy. And to make sure she never forgot this moment. he gave her his hat.

I know the stories are much cooler, being there, but I thought I thought I would tell them anyway.


Brittney said...

The only reason that I would even consider liking garth brooks (cause i hate country) is because he said that James Taylor was his idol... witch is funny cause he's mine too! So we having something in common.

Barb said...

Ever heard Brody and Randy sing.."Rodeo"? They used to all the time....