Saturday, March 29, 2008


So we were wrong. When we went to bed last night I noticed that my night stand had been gone through. Upon closer inspection I noticed that my headphone case had been opened at the chords taken out. I know I did not leave them like that. I cherish that gift and take good care of them. Also the drawer was then reclosed leaving other cables and charger on the floor. So we checked Colette's night stand to find that my watch was missing. We were a little confused seeing that all of our expensive items that we thought would be the target were passed by for an Ebay purchased, cheap watch. We assumed that they were kids after drugs or money. Which we have neither. Then this morning Colette noticed that a month supply of birth control was taken. (Not a big deal she is pregnant).

So we think that they were here for something other than stuff they could either pawn or sell for money since nothing valuable was taken. The only other thing we can think of is that Colette has been working for American Express the past couple of months and is taking expired gift cards off the shelves and mailing then to AmEx. Maybe the perpetrator saw us bring in bags full of gift cards and wanted a piece of the action. Unfortunately for them, they were all in Colette's car at the time getting ready to be mailed out. Plus even if they were stolen, not one card is activated. So basically they are worth nothing. A piece of plastic and nothing more.

It sucks that we broken into, but thank God that nothing important was taken. We lost maybe $50 worth of stuff. A watch, that I really didn't wear (battery was dead) and birth control that costs us $5. Oh well. I have always tried to keep in mind that all that I have is a gift of God, if he wants it he can have it back. I guess yesterday I was supposed to have it still. Thank you Jesus.

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Kristin said...

That is kind of creepy!
I'm glad nothing big was taken, that's weird what they did take. Glad you got your cat back too.