Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bella's first stuffed animal

A few days ago Colette and I cashed in some build-a-bear "money" and got Bella her first stuffed animal. We looked around for about two minutes and both decided that the elephant would be the best choice. (We tend to agree on things, which makes shopping easier). We did the whole stuffing thing, gave it a "bath," found sunglasses for Bella but they had no UV protection so we didn't them, and then named our Elephant. Jokingly I said that we should name it "Bellaphant." The name however, is too good not to choose. If today wasn't Lazy Sunday maybe I would show you a picture. Instead all of you need to go to build-a-bear and look for yourselves. If you don't care that much then did you really want to see a picture anyway?


James said...

Show us a picture you sloth!

Adrienne Hicks said...

Sounds like a fun! Very cute name for the elephant.

Kristin said...

bellaphant is perfect!

How fun.

I'm still just so excited for you guys.

Brittney Harmon said...

it's pretty cute :o)