Saturday, August 2, 2008

I'm buying a truck

So I know that I talked about getting a scooter and I still really want one, but I decided to buy a truck instead. I will miss my scooter, even though I never got one, but it makes sense for us to buy a truck. We were super close to getting our dream truck for a super good price but it was already sold. The guy lost his job and needed quick cash so he was selling his toyota tacoma for 3,000. Oh well, but we did find a ford ranger with only 60,000 miles for 3,000. It has an extended cab and a camper shell. I am getting it checked out by a mechanic on monday and after that if all checks out I will be the proud owner of a new truck. Colette is super excited to get a truck. She has always been a truck girl, it was her first vehicle after all. Once I own the truck I will post some pictures so you can all be jealous.


James said...

I still think you should get a scooter.

And my opinion stands...Ford stinks...sorry.

Kyle Ray Booterbaugh said...

I agree I should still get a scooter and some day I will. I am tempted to keep looking for something smaller since I will only need it for around town.

and I usually agree I am not a big fan of Fords, but I don't mind the Ranger and I have known quite a few people with Rangers that have never had a problem with them. Also they don't keep their value so they are much more affordable.

Also, do you have a life. You comment quickly (oh how I wish you could type sarcastically)

James said...

Alas, I don't have much of a life - and yes, it is a sad thing trying to type sarcastically...maybe blogger will enable video comments soon.

It seems the jobs I am applying for require you to take tests to see how good you are and then they want six-month-long background checks.

Maybe I shouldn't apply for any more county jobs...

randy said...

I wont hold it against you.

although when I starts to rain around here im kinda screwed. and you're not..